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The Hawking (NCC-1701-D/15) was a Federation type-7 shuttlecraft in service to Starfleet in the mid-24th century.

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The shuttle was assigned to the USS Enterprise-D in the 2360s. In 2367, the Hawking was modified with a "booster" that allowed Enterprise personnel to cross into an alternate mirror universe and board their counterpart, ISS Enterprise-D without being detected. (TNG novel: Dark Mirror)

A few months later, Commander William T. Riker used the Hawking to transport Ambassador Odan to mediate between the Alpha and Beta moons of Peliar Zel. Enroute, the shuttle was attacked and severely damaged and Odan was injured. Thankfully, both occupants were rescued by the Enterprise and the shuttle repaired. (TNG episode: "The Host")

In 2368, Commander Riker and Lieutenant Commander Data used the Hawking to perform an internal survey of the Badlands. Shortly after entering the Badlands, the Hawking was affected by the Badlands Phenomenom and Riker fell ill. Thankfully they were rescued by a Cardassian Galor-class warship and transported back to the Enterprise. (TNG novella: The Badlands, Part II)

The Hawking was nearly destroyed in 2370 when the Enterprise was sent to render aid to the Federation colony on Syng II. Lieutenant Reginald Barclay led an away team aboard the shuttle to render aid, and crashed into the wilderness. Thankfully the team were rescued by the Enterprise but the shuttle was badly damaged and scrapped. (TNG - Strange New Worlds short story: "The Naked Truth")

At some point, the shuttlecraft Hawking was used by Worf and two other crewmembers to transport a false probe into three invading Borg spheres near Jupiter's moon of Io. The probe was sucessful in destroying the cubes, and also sent back the Borg self-destruct code, which the Enterprise used to save the Hawking from a surprise attack from a Borg cube. (Star Trek: The Exhibition flight simulator)

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