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Jadzia Dax is reunited with her former lover when he visits the station.


Dax and Bashir are having coffee in the Replimat when Dax notices someone she knows on the Promenade, Gwyn. Dax introduces Gwyn to Bashir as her childhood friend but Gwyn says that he is more than that. Jadzia tells him that she is the eighth host of Dax, but Gwyn himself has remained unjoined. Dax tells Bashir that Gwyn never wanted a symbiont, something that caused a rift in their relationship; Jadzia confesses that they would have married if not for Gwyn's rejection of Trill joinings.

Gwyn is accompanied by a Klingon woman called Tev, who takes a liking to Odo in his role as lawman. Tev however warns Gwyn that they will need to be careful with Odo around. Gwyn and Tev soon visit a raucous hidden venue on the station, and Gwyn asks around if a Bharron man called Korin has been seen recently.

In Ops, Dax is distracted from her work over Gwyn's presence on the station and Sisko calls her into his office. Sisko suggests that Dax make her peace with Gwyn and move on with her life.

When Jadzia and Gwyn visit a holosuite, Quark becomes jealous and tells Odo that Gwyn hasd been asking about mercenaries and black market goods. Odo is suspicious too when he hears that and when he checks the recent ports of call of Gwyn's ship, none of them are reputable. Odo's concerns grow that Gwyn is trying involve Jadzia in an illegal venture and he takes his concerns to Sisko. Odo suddenly finds that weapons fire has been detected in Quark's.

The Bharron man Korin has taken Jadzia hostage. Fortunately Odo comes to her aid and she is able to free herself from Korin, although he escapes, but with Gwyn and Tev in pursuit. They are able to corner him just before Odo arrives with a security detail. Odo is about to arrest Gwyn and Tev as well, but Sisko and Dax have learned that they are bounty hunters paid to bring in Korin. With Korin caught, Gwyn and Tev leave the station with him. Dax bids Gwyn and her previous life farewell and makes plans to have another cup of coffee with Bashir.



Julian BashirJadzia DaxGwyn (Trill)Kira NerysKorinMiles O'BrienOdoQuarkBenjamin SiskoTev
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