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Lieutenant Junior Grade Hector Ilario was born in 2353 into a large family; where he had three brothers and two sisters. He graduated from Starfleet Academy when he was 19 and served in Starfleet as a pilot in the Dominion War. He was described as "intelligent", "dedicated" and "eager to please".

He was assigned to Starbase Deep Space 9 when he was 22, where he quickly earned the acceptance of many of the senior officers and admired Doctor Julian Bashir and Chief Miles O'Brien and dearly wanted to attend one of Bashir and O'Brien's holosuite simulations. He first saw action against the Dominion ten days after arriving on the station when he piloted the USS Defiant into battle against six Jem'Hadar attack ships. However, he regretted his three Academy friends couldn't be there to see his victory.

The crew held a victory party after arriving back on the station, where Bashir made the toast "To Lieutenant Hector Ilario, living proof that Starfleet Academy still produces the finest pilots in the galaxy". O'Brien called him a "a born helmsman". Ilario had a great time and got increasingly drunk on "real" (unreplicated) Saurian brandy; courtesy of Captain Benjamin Sisko, and when the party ended, Lieutenant Ezri Dax was forced to walk him to his quarters as he could barely stand up. She then departed when he made a romantic pass at her.

Sadly, this was the last known sighting of Hector Ilario alive, as 10 minutes later, at timeframe 0317, Ilario was shot through the heart and killed instantly by a single tritanium "bullet" fired by a TR-116 rifle handled by the mentally unstable Lieutenant Chu'lak. Chu'lak then murdered fellow officers Lieutenant Commander Greta Vanderweg and Petty Officer Zim Brott before he was caught.

When Chu'lak was questioned over his motive to kill Ilario and the others, all he said was "because logic demanded it". (DS9 episode: "Field of Fire")


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