Hegron was a Klingon in the late 23rd century who served as the section chief for the Imperial Intelligence operations on the Gorn planet of Seudath. He is based in a safe house of the warehouse district of Tzoryp operating as a pest control service.

Hegron was an older Klingon and had a grey beard.

In the year 2268, Starfleet Intelligence operative Bridget McLellan broke Hegron's nose in a fight when she was trying to recover the stolen data from the Orion freighter Treana. The data had just been delivered by Imperial Intelligence operative Goloth. After McLellan had escaped with the data, Hegron advised Goloth to leave Seudath quickly. (VAN - Declassified novella: The Stars Look Down)


The author of the short story, David Mack also used the name Hegron for a Klingon High Council member in his Star Trek Destiny novel Gods of Night. In an email he admitted that he was unaware that he had re-used the name Hegron and that the two characters are not the same person. David did state that the two characters could be related as grandfather and grandson.

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