Planet map.

Heir'at is the capital city of the Heiren people and is located on the planet Heir'tzan. The city is home to the main governmental buildings of the Heir'tza people, as well as two large temples.

In 2251, the city was to be the location of the reconciliation ceremony between the Heirt'za and the Heir'ocha factions. In accordance with Heiren tradition, the two telepaths were to travel to the city, and they are each to make their way to an ancient temple in the town. Then at a pre-arranged time, the two were to remove their shoes and then travel along the main thoroughfare of the city, and head for the main governmental building.

Because of the very public nature of the ceremony, thousands of spectators were expected to arrive in the city, and while the use of modern technology and weapons were forbidden during the ceremony, there was still the expectation of an assassination attempt being made upon the telepaths by one the factions that would halt the ceremony. Because of these fears, the Heir'tza government contacted the Federation and requested a starship to be on hand to observe the proceedings. After initially dispatching the USS Carolina to the planet, the USS Republic was instead dispatched, with a crew of Starfleet cadets aboard. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Republic)

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