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The Heiren are a humanoid species native to the planet Heir'tzan, which is located in the Beta Bora system. While the species as a whole is not a telepathic race, every generation or so, two powerful telepaths have been born.

Warfare and blood feuds[]

Until the 21st century, the two main groups of Heiren on the planet, named the Heir'tza and the Heir'och, however years of bickering and fighting between the two groups, led the Heir'och to abandon their homeworld, and settle on a neighboring planet, which they named Heir'ocha.

In the beginning there was relative peace between the two groups of Heiren, however, as time progressed arguments sprung up about economic, cultural, and religious matters. Things came to a head when an interplanetary war broke out in the early 22nd century, and fighting occurred on-and-off until the end of the century.

Despite a truce being declared, blood feuds still raged between the two sects of Heiren, but all this changed over the course of five decades, when representatives within the factions began to work to try and bring their people back together again. Despite their efforts, moves towards reconciliation between the two groups were always undermined by hatred and mistrust. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Republic)

Road to peace[]

Despite the mutual hatred, representatives of the two factions still struggled to find a way to reconcile the differences. Eventually, scientists discovered that once in a generation a powerful telepath or two were known to be born of Heiren blood. While one telepath being born in a faction would provide an excellent advantage for that side, a telepath being born on both sides would allow reconciliation to take place.

After waiting for three generations such an event occurred, and by 2251 both sides began to call for a reconciliation between the two sects of Heiren. In accordance with Heiren tradition, the two telepaths were to travel to the Heir'tzan capital of Heir'at, and they are each to make their way to an ancient temple in the town. Then at a pre-arranged time, the two were to remove their shoes and then travel along the main thoroughfare of the city, and head for the main governmental building. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Republic)