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Helen Noel was a 23rd century Human woman, a Starfleet officer and psychiatrist. By the 2260s decade, Noel was a doctor of psychiatry, with some training in rehabilitive therapy, and was assigned to the Federation starship USS Enterprise as a member of Doctor Leonard McCoy's medical staff.


In the year 2265, Lieutenant Commander Spock noted that Dr. Noel had changed into her civilian clothing so that she could enjoy shore leave on Starbase 20. (TOS - Crucible novel: The Fire and the Rose)

In December 2265, Dr. Noel attended the ship's science lab Christmas party, a party that was also attended by Captain James T. Kirk.

The following year, Dr. Noel accompanied Captain Kirk to the Tantalus penal colony on Tantalus V to investigate the psychological injuries that had been suffered by Dr. Simon Van Gelder. Together they discovered that Van Gelder's associate, Dr. Tristan Adams, was using a device known as the neural neutralizer to torture inmates and staff by affecting their minds. In order to escape from the colony, Noel was able to deactivate the planet's transporter shield, and Commander Spock was able to beam down a team to secure the colony. (TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: Dagger of the Mind)

She later transferred to the USS Reliant at some point during or before 2269. (TOS novel: The Weight of Worlds)



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