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In the Kelvin timeline, Helios-1 was a 23rd century Vulcan space station, an experimental station in Confederacy of Surak service in the 2250s decade.

History and specifications[edit | edit source]

Helios-1 was constructed in the aftermath of the destruction[1] of Vulcan at the hands of the time traveling Romulan Nero in 2258. The surviving Vulcans settled on the planet New Vulcan in the Simon-316[2] system where the scientist T'Mar constructed the Helios Machine. The intention was to use this powerful device to help terraform New Vulcan.

To provide the necessary energy, Helios-1 was constructed around a binary star where it utilized advanced technology to protect itself from the suns. This was achieved through solar shields whilst energy collectors present onboard the station drew upon the power Helios-1 gathered for the Helios Machine itself. However, the activation of the Helios Machine created a rip in space-time where the energy overload led to damage to the space station. It was only the arrival of the USS Enterprise that led to the Vulcan crew being rescued. (TOS video game: Star Trek)

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