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When a user is logged in, you will see a link in the sidebar entitled "Watch this page" (on non-dynamic pages). When you click on that link, you add the current page and the corresponding talk page to your watchlist.

You can access your watchlist by clicking on the My watchlist link in the sidebar.

The watchlist basically functions as a personalized recent changes page, just for articles that you select. It gives you a list of all watched pages, reverse-ordered according to the time each page was last edited. The default cutoff for the watchlist is currently three days for users with less than 1,000 pages in their watchlist, and 12 hours for users with more than 1,000. (This is a default setting that cannot be changed by the user.)

Each line in the watchlist provides the usual details about the last edit: the date and time, if it was a minor edit (or not), the difference between the current version and the previous one, the history, the editor's user name, and the edit summary.

What the watchlist does:

  • Last edit. The watchlist lists the last edit made to each watched page, in reverse chronological order.
  • Recent changes. In the recent changes page, any watched pages will be listed in bold to call attention to them.

What the watchlist does not do:

  • Multiple edits. Only the last edit made to a page will be shown. If the last edit was a minor edit, there is no notice given that there was a major edit before the minor edit.
  • Deleted pages. If a watched page is deleted, it is automatically removed from your watchlist without any notice. (Yes, this is considered strange behavior.)

Watching pagesEdit

You can add pages to your watchlist in one of two ways:

  • View the article, and click the "Watch this page" link in the sidebar.
  • While editing an article, check the "Watch this article" checkbox near the edit summary. When you save the page, the article is added to your watchlist.
  • In your preferences, select the option to "Add pages you edit to your watchlist".

Un-watching pagesEdit

If you decide that you are no longer interested in changes made to a page, you can remove that page from your watchlist in one of two ways:

  • View the article, and click the "Stop watching this page" link in the sidebar.
  • Click the "My watchlist" link in the sidebar, and select "edit complete list". You will be given a checkbox list from which you can select multiple pages to be removed from the list.

An example Special:Followed pages list

Followed pages are a way to keep up-to-date on pages you care about on Fandom.


Toolbar follow
  • You can choose to "Follow" a page by simply clicking "Follow" on the toolbar at the bottom of your page. When you have followed the page successfully, the text will change to "Following". In some cases this toolbar may be hidden: pressing the upwards arrow icon (^) at the bottom right of your browser will show it.
  • Email preferences
    You can receive email notifications by changing your user preferences.
  • In some situations, you may automatically begin following pages, such as after you leave a post on someone's Message Wall. You can manage your preferences for automatically following pages in your user preferences.
  • You can view your followed pages on a specific community by going to Special:Following on that community. You can also view them at Special:Watchlist, which has some more advanced features for managing these pages.
  • To unfollow a page, simply click the "Following" link in the toolbar at the bottom of the page. This is the same location as the link you clicked to follow the page originally.
  • You may be displaying a "Pages I'm Following" box on your user page to show others what pages you are interested in on the community. This only includes article pages and occasionally user pages. If you prefer not to display your followed pages, you can disable this in your user preferences (under Advanced display options).

Other ways to follow a page

There are three other ways to follow a page.

  • At the end of the URL of any content article in any wiki, add ?action=watch.
  • On the Fandom Developers Wiki, there is a script that adds a "Follow" button to the edit dropdown.
  • While editing an article you can tick a box to start (or stop) following it.

Other ways to unfollow a followed page

  • At the end of the URL of any followed article in any wiki, add ?action=unwatch.

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