For the mirror universe counterpart, see Henry Starling (mirror).

Henry Starling was a Human male who lived on Earth in the 20th century.


In the year 1967, Starling discovered the 29th century timeship USS Aeon while hiking in the High Sierra Mountains. Since the Aeon's pilot, Captain Braxton, had beamed to safety, Starling stole the Aeon and raided it for all of the future technology it contained. Starling used the Aeon to found Chronowerx Industries, and gradually released bits of future technology into Earth's present time, presenting them as Chronowerx inventions.

Starling eventually perished when he attempted to use the Aeon to travel to the 29th century himself. Unfamiliar with the proper operation of the Aeon's systems, Starling would've accidentally caused the star system in the 29th century to explode, perishing in the process. Fortunately, the USS Voyager stopped him, firing a photon torpedo which destroyed the Aeon, killing him in the process. (VOY episode: "Future's End")

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