For the primary universe counterpart, see Henry Starling.

In the mirror universe, Henry Starling was a Terran male who ruled as the Emperor of the Terran Empire during the latter half of the 20th century.


At some point, Starling came across the 29th century timeship Aeon, which was piloted by Captain Braxton. Starling killed Braxton after turning his own 29th century brain-scanning technology against him and used the information he ripped out of Braxton's cortex to stay one step ahead of competitors, eventually founding the Chronowerx Corporation.

Starling demonstrated that in the growing technological world, rulership did not lie in the hands of a great politician or a warrior but those that controlled technology instead. Through the future technology Starling stole from Braxton, the computer scientist held a firm grip over the technology used by all citizens of the Empire and even threatened to bring the entire system down. None dared challenge Starling at this point with even the secretly genetically enhanced supersoldiers and bionically augmented senators unable to fight the man that controlled the computers that were responsible for government, weaponry and vital resources. Starling's influence eventually resulted in him becoming Emperor of the Terran Empire.

Unfortunately, when Starling met his demise, his computer programs did indeed shut down, causing the Terran Empire to fall into a new Dark Age that would last for two generations. (Decipher module: Through a Glass, Darkly)


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