Hephaestus was a Class M planet in the Kyros system in the Alpha or Beta quadrants of the galaxy. It was within the region covered by the terms of the Organian Peace Treaty. It had been a neutral planet, but was expected to ally with the Federation as of the year 2274.


Hephaestus was a desert planet with no oceans on the surface, but it had an abundance of underground hot springs. The climate was similar to that of the planet Vulcan, but had not always been that way. Long ago, the planet appeared to have more trees, shrubs and grasses than it had in the 23rd century, and perhaps had more of a temperate climate.

Hephaestus was a resort planet. Very wealthy individuals came to partake in the hot springs. A variety of humanoid species were visible on the surface. The planet also had deposits of pergium and dilithium which could be mined.

Points of interestEdit

  • Health clinic
  • Health spa
  • Medical laboratory
  • Hot spring baths
  • Nightclub
  • Underground chambers of the Hephaestan High Council
  • Underground symbiont manufacturing center


An unidentified alien species visited the planet an indeterminate time in the planet’s past. They implanted subcutaneous symbionts which augmented the intelligence of the chimpanzee-like Hephaestans. The alien species provided mechanisms for manufacturing additional symbionts and instructions on how to implant them.

USS Enterprise visited the planet in 2274 to negotiate for mining rights to dilithium and pergium. The ruling council arranged for the crew to have clearance to experience all the amenities. (TOS comic: "All the Infinite Ways")

The name Hephaestus came from ancient greek mythology. Hephaestus was the mythical Greek god of carpenters and blacksmiths, a consort of Aphrodite. His Roman name was Vulcan.




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