The Herald Sphere was a small Dyson Sphere inhabited by Heralds which during the Iconian War served as the control center for the Iconian gateway network.

History Edit

The discovery of the Herald Sphere by the Alliance was made by Lieutenant Commander Miral Paris during a Delta Flight operation in Calbriden III. This discovery allowed the alliance to send a task force into this sphere on an attempt to neutralize the Iconian's greatest advantage during the war: their gateways. However, tha operation was a failure, since the task force had only deactivated the gateways for a very small period of time before forced to retreat.

During the alliance's all out attack into the Iconia system, a group of ships was able to enter the Herald Sphere by following the Herald flagship, which was severely damaged and was forced to retreat for repairs. The team was able to board the flagship and kill the Iconian's leader: M'Tara. Although the death of their leader had broken their union, the Iconians continued to be with the upper hand in the war, and the Alliance was now with a very small number of ships, leaving them no choice but to wait the Krenim temporal weapon ship to be complete.

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