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TNG Magazine
The Enterprise finally reaches the legendary Faltos — but it may not be able to leave! Plus, clues to Lt. Data's past come to light.


Captain's log, stardate 41753.8
The USS Enterprise is on the verge of space sector 902 and on the verge of documenting the existence of the legendary planet Faltos. Or not... if it is indeed a mythical place simply conjured up for ancient fables and fanciful fairy tales, as some fear. It had taken our ship several standard months to reach this rim of charted space, and it was now only a matter of hours before we'd know whether or not the Federation had wasted its time on this mission.
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  • Stardates 41753.8 through 41758.1 are given in the story, but the DC Comics TNG Timeline adjusts the stardate to 41199.3.
  • Bele was miscolored with Lokai's complexion in this issue. (as seen in Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, TOS). The possible explanations for this are that Bele's skin was changed in some way, or that he was being impersonated by Lokai, or that another Cheronian or other being was impersonating Bele.




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