Herlok Seltran (also known as Tran) was a male Paclu who was the scion of the clan Lokaar of Pacluro Prime in the 24th century, and was serving in the Breen Militia with the rank of Thot.

In 2384, he was the Director of the Special Research Division, having replaced Thot Naaz. (TNG - Cold Equations novel: Silent Weapons)

In 2385, he had failed to salvage a Jaunt ship that hailed from the Mirror universe and had crashed on the surface of Tirana III in Federation space. Domo Pran, who Tran was certain would have him killed as an example to others, allowed him to retain his post as director and authorized a budget for Tran's proposed project to create a passage to the mirror universe.

In January 2386, Tran operated out of Ikkuna Station along with the Tzenkethi physicist Choska Ves Fel-AA in developing a dimensional rift that would connect to the mirror universe. After a somewhat successful test with the Recon One probe, Tran and Choska briefed and prepped the Spetzkar team led by Thot Trom to use the Breen vessel Tajny in their mission to capture and return with a jaunt ship. When a Section 31 team led by Cole entered the lab Tran cooperated so long as they didn't hurt Choska and not without secretly generating a subspace signal to warn the Tajny, already through the rift. Tran then reset the com system to send distress signals on all Tzenkethi military frequencies, before being beamed into an escape pod by the station computer at the request of Dr. Julian Bashir and the destruction of Ikkuna Station. While in the escape pod Tran declared to Choska his love for her, and his wish to defect to the Tzenkethi Coalition. (ST - Section 31 novel: Disavowed)

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