Heston Prescott was a human male who lived in the early 23rd century. He was a terraformer who had worked on a number of projects, and would become the husband of Willa McKinnies and step father to Fleet Captain Christopher Pike.

In or around 2227, Heston met McKinnies, a noted architect, while both were working on a deep-sea project near South Sulawesi. They married a little more than a year later. Three months after the wedding, in 2228, Heston, Willa, and Chris moved to Elysium, a newly formed Federation colony, where Willa would be one of the principle architects of the capital, Elysium City, and Heston began work on adapting Earth plants and animals to the new environment. This included Earth horses - Heston brought several horses with him from Earth, as well as several horse embryos which he later had implanted in the mares.

Prescott was initially friendly towards Chris, but the relationship soured, especially after the boy's real father Charlie Pike arrived on Elysium. When Charlie met Prescott, he sensed the man was a "recipe for disaster."

Heston and Willa conceived a second child. But before the child could be brought to term, both Willa and Heston died in 2231 when wildfires swept across Elysium. Heston died when the vehicle he was in exploded, and Willa died soon after when fires trapped her in the family's home. The ruling council later named the second city on Elysium after Prescott in his memory. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)

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