Emblem of the Cardassian Union.

Hevrit is a kind of fish native to Cardassia Prime. It is known to live in river environments, but it is possible it also has an oceanic phase (akin to Terran salmon).

Fishing for hevrit is a popular Cardassian lesiure activity, at least for those who can afford it. Due to pollution of their environments on Cardassia Prime and attendant population declines, hevrit have been transported to a number of Cardassian colonies, including Raknal V.

Hevrit juice is known to be a Cardassian beverage. It is uncertain if it is the "hot fish juice" mentioned by Arne Darvin as the Cardassians' preferred morning drink. Hevrit may also be an ingredient in Kanar.

(TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)

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