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Heyes was a Starfleet officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise-E in the mid-2370s.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2374, after the Enterprise had completed its diplomatic mission to Tzenketh to convince the Tzenkethi Autarch to join the Federation Alliance in their war against the Dominion, Heyes had reached the rank of Commander and was serving as beta shift commander. She was on the bridge shortly after the start of her shift when Captain Picard emerged from his ready room to take a stroll through the ship.

While the Enterprise was in orbit of Galor IV to assist in the investigation of an incident at the Daystrom Institute, Heyes crewed the tactical station during a surprise attack on the ship by a vessel crewed by androids, after the shift's tactical officer had been rendered unconscious. She herself was rendered unconscious soon after Captain Picard arrived on the bridge to assume command and Counselor Deanna Troi, having assumed command of the bridge from Heyes at shift change just prior to the start of the battle, took over for her at tactical while Heyes was carried off. (TNG novel: Immortal Coil)

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