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Janeway has a nightmare about corpse strewn corridors shortly before Voyager picks up a Federation distress call.They follow it to a nebula full of derelict spacecraft including the USS Anticipation, which appears to have been brought to the Delta Quadrant by the same method as them.

Janeway beams over with an away team but finds no sign of the crew.Seven beams back with some equipment at the same time Torres beams some parts back over and the crew see a phase variance in the transporter beam. Using a light adjustment to see through the phase variance, they discover the web-covered bodies of the crew and a group of creatures who attack Harry Kim and Crewman Porter.

The party return to Voyager to find two of the creatures were accidentally beamed over.Seven discovers a log entry from the Anticipation''s captain where he warns of the parasites and tries to launch a log buoy.The creatures are eventually killed after attacking several crewmembers and Voyager leaves the nebula.



ChakotayKathryn JanewayHarry KimTom ParisJose PizarroPorterSeven of NineB'Elanna TorresTuvokspace parasites
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CaretakerThe Doctor

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USS AnticipationUSS Voyager
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USS Equinox


Delta Quadrant

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United Federation of Planets

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