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The Hierarchy was an interstellar state with a government system that controlled a significant region of space in the Delta Quadrant, near that quadrant's border with the Beta Quadrant. Dominated by the Overlookers, the Hierarchy has a sizable pseudo-military space force led by the Hierarchy Central Command. (ST reference: Star Charts; VOY episodes: "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy", "The Void", "Renaissance Man")


In 2376 and 2377, different Hierarchy vessels encountered the starship USS Voyager, leading to the Overlookers' first contact with the Federation. Voyager's Doctor interacted with the Overlookers the most. (VOY episodes: "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy", "The Void", "Renaissance Man")

When the Alpha Quadrant Alliance arrived in the Delta Quadrant in full force in 2410, encounters with the Hierarchy became more common. Eventually, the Doctor convinced the profit-oriented Hierarchy to become members of the Delta Alliance and join the war against the resurgent Vaadwaur Supremacy. (STO - The Delta Quadrant missions: "Enemies in All the Usual Places", "With Friends Like These...", "Know Your Enemies", "Alliances")

Overlooker officers from both the science and intelligence departments began to serve on ships of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance as the relationship blossomed. (STO - The Delta Quadrant mission: "Alliances")


planet/system state species admitted notes
- Hierarchy Overlookers Dominant species.
Shivolia Shivolia system Shivolians before 2410 Nominal but loose relationship.


Voyager encountered the Hierarchy in the Markonia sector of the Delta Quadrant, circa 30.000 light-years from Sol. The Hierarchy met up with Voyager again several hundred light-years closer to the Beta Quadrant border. (VOY episodes: "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy", "The Void", "Renaissance Man")

By 2410, the Hierarchy, like all major factions in the Vyntadi and Tekara sector blocks, were able to travel easily between the sectors of these two sector blocks, with a reach from near the Beta Quadrant (30kly from Sol) to the Nekrit Expanse, 70kly from Sol. (STO video game: Delta Rising)

Stars, systems and planets[]



States in the Delta Quadrant
Nekrit Expanse and beyond (75-70.000 light-years from Sol) Autonomous Province of TalaxBorg CollectiveBorg CooperativeEtanian OrderDelta CoalitionHaakonian OrderKazon CollectiveKrowtonan GuardMokra OrderSwarmSikarian CanonVidiian SodalityVostigye UnionVoth
Vyntadi sector block (65.000 light-years) Alsuran EmpireB'omar SovereigntyBenthan ProtectorateDelta AllianceHirogen HierarchyKhitomer AllianceKrenim CoalitionKrenim ImperiumMalon CooperativeRilnar ConsortiumVaadwaur SupremacyZahl Regnancy
Tekara sector block (60-50.000 light-years) Borg CollectiveDelta AllianceDevore ImperiumHirogen HierarchyKhitomer AllianceMonean Maritime Sovereignty
40-30.000 light-years Annari EmpireBorg CollectiveConfederacy of the Worlds of the First QuadrantDinaal CorporateHierarchyHirogenKlingon EmpireMalon CooperativeNew TalaxR'Kaal CollectiveRomulan RepublicUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited Provinces of UxalVoth