There have been multiple timelines, alternate realities and parallel universes that have all contained versions of Hikaru Sulu, as well as various clones and replicants.

Hikaru Sulus[edit | edit source]

Other versions of Hikaru Sulu[edit | edit source]

Myriad Universes[edit | edit source]

Desperate Sulu

  • Last Generation: An elderly Captain Sulu commanded the USS Excelsior, the last holdout of a Federation conquered by the Klingon Empire.
  • The Tears of Eridanus: Commander Sulu was the commanding officer of the IUES Kumari II in a timeline where Vulcans were not reformed by Surak, and the Andorians controlled the Interstellar Union.

Android Sulu[edit | edit source]

In one alternate permutation of the Kelvin timeline where life was mechanical, an android version of Sulu-1701 served as Starfleet-Unit on an Enterprise that was a technological marvel. During Mitchell's chronotronic event of 2262, he and Kirk were one the bridge and disabled the IKS Chonnaq before members of the crew were whisked away. Sulu was deposited on an Earth controlled by the Khanate of Earth, with James T. Kirk, Pavela Chekov and Simon Grayson. (TOS - Boldly Go - IDIC comic: "Part 4")

Vulcan Sulu[edit | edit source]

Sulu, a Vulcan.

In one alternate permutation of the Kelvin timeline, Sulu was a Vulcan Starfleet officer. He served alongside an Andorian Leonard McCoy and a Cheronian Montgomery Scott. They experienced the chronotronic event in 2262. (TOS - Boldly Go - IDIC comic: "Part 5")

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