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This page details Hikaru Sulu in the mirror universe of the Kelvin timeline; for Hikaru Sulu in the primary universe see Hikaru Sulu; for Hikaru Sulu in the Kelvin timeline see Hikaru Sulu (Kelvin timeline); for Hikaru Sulu in the mirror universe of the primary universe see Hikaru Sulu (mirror); for Hikaru Sulu in all other alternate universes see Hikaru Sulu (alternates).

In the Kelvin timeline mirror universe, Hikaru Sulu was a Terran male who lived during the 23rd century. Lieutenant Sulu was the helmsman of the imperial flagship ISS Enterprise in 2258. (TOS - Star Trek (IDW) comic: "Mirrored, Part 1")



In one permutation of the mirror Kelvin-timeline, Sulu was helmsman aboard the ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701) under Spock. On stardate 2258.56, Sulu, wearing body armor, was on the surface Kronos shortly after the Klingons' defeat by the Terran Empire. He presented Captain Spock with the helmeted, kneeling form of Chancellor Gorkon. Spock offered him Terran re-education, which Gorkon declined. Sulu decapitated Gorkon after he spoke his last words.

When Commander James T. Kirk mutinied against Spock and seized the pro-chronistic Romulan vessel Narada, Sulu was among the Enterprise's bridge officer's who sided with Kirk and beamed over to the Narada. The Narada destroyed the Enterprise but Spock survived. Aboard the Narada, Kirk ordered his new crew to "lose the colors", so they dropped the uniform department shirts worn over the black uniform undershirts. (TOS - Star Trek (IDW) comic: "Mirrored, Part 1")

Former Enterprise communications officer Nyota Uhura, Spock's lover, betrayed Kirk at Vulcan. Spock killed Kirk and decided to stay on Vulcan, leaving Uhura in command of the Narada. Sulu, and the surviving crew quickly fell in line. The Narada set course for Earth to show the Empire "what the future is like". (TOS - Star Trek (IDW) comic: "Mirrored, Part 2")

Live EvilEdit

In another permutation of this timeline, Sulu was helsman aboard the ISS Enterprise (ICC-1701) under Spock, after the Vulcan had ousted Captain Kirk from command. On stardate 2263.27, Spock left Sulu in charge of the USS Enterprise from the Kelvin timeline after the Empire had captured the Federation ship at Ceti Alpha V. Sulu enjoyed his first command. Spock had the two Enterprises travel to Vulcan.

With the help of Kirk and Khan Noonien Singh (mirror), the James T. Kirk and his crew regained command of the Enterprise. The mirror officers were defeated, Kirk resumed command of the ISS Enterprise and the USS Enterprise escaped back to its universe while Khan engaged the Imperials with his own ship, the SS Botany Bay. (TOS - Live Evil comics: "Part 1", "Part 2", "Part 3")


In one alternate permutation of the mirror Kelvin timeline, Sulu was a Terran Starfleet officer. He served alongside a Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott. They experienced the chronotronic event caused by Gary Mitchell in 2262 but were later returned to their home universe. (TOS - Boldly Go - IDIC comic: "Part 5")


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