Hilar Tohm was a female Trill served as an officer in Starfleet Intelligence in the 24th century.

History[edit | edit source]

Hilar Tohm had been the section chief for Starfleet Intelligence operations on Orion. In 2384, she met with the recently resurrected Lieutenant Commander Data on Orion, who had asked Tohm to get banking recordings on someone he believed was the Immortal. Tohm managed to give Data the files, but was killed soon afterward. The reason for her death had not been over the files, but was rather her being a target. During the time in which she had went to the hand over the files, she was followed by Breen agents controlling stolen androids from the factory on Mangala. Upon entering her apartment, a Breen android had come up from behind and attacked her.

Her body was later discovered by the Orion Colonial Police, who gave a report to Aneta Šmrhová after said report was forwarded to the USS Enterprise-E. Geordi La Forge and Šmrhová visited her apartment in an attempt to exonerate Data, who had been framed for the crime. Their investigation of the body didn't reveal much, as virtually all evidence of the killer had been missing. (TNG - Cold Equations novel: Silent Weapons)

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