Hinton was a male human, a bridge officer from the sciences division who served aboard the USS Enterprise in the 2260s.


Hinton was serving on the bridge when the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) entered orbit of the Mantis planet to rescue James T. Kirk and his diplomatic party, who had been abducted from Angoma. Spock ordered him to ready a landing party. Hinton, Spock and three others traveled via a space bug to the planet, where they fought against a wave of Mantis to enter the Mantis zoo, only to learn that Kirk’s party had already escaped to another planet. They followed using a long-range transporter and spotted a fire in the distance. Hinton and Spock discovered Kirk and his team tied to poles about to be cooked by cannibals. Hinton urged Spock to take action, and the native savages fled at the rescuers’ approach. (TOS comic: "Beware the Beast")


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