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The Hirogen warship also known as a Hirogen hunter/hunting vessel[1] or simply a Hirogen Hunter. It was a ship most commonly used by Hirogen hunters in the 2370s.

History and specifications[]

In the 23rd century, the Hirogen needed a new type of starship. The Hirogen Master Hunters agreed on the design of the Hirogen warship. (Star Trek Adventures module: Delta Quadrant Sourcebook)

The Hirogen hunter vessel is the most common ship used by the Hirogen. The Hirogen use these vessels to hunt their prey across their expansive territory, though are not used as traditional warships. The Federation Starfleet starship USS Voyager first encountered these ships in 2374 after they used the Hirogen relay station to transmit the Doctor to the Alpha Quadrant. (VOY episode: "Message in a Bottle")

Later that year, Voyager was then attacked by several ships after when they found a message from Starfleet embedded in one of the Hirogen relay stations. (VOY episode: "Hunters")

On stardate 51652.3 (August 27, 2374), Voyager encountered a Hirogen warship. It's crew of two had been decimated by a member of Species 8472. The ship had been active in that region for five years. During that time, the warship had visited 90 star systems. (VOY episode: "Prey")

In 2376, a Hirogen warship attacked the Malon supertanker Apsac. The Hirogen Alpha boarded the Apsac and killed the crew, but was later killed himself by Taran'atar. (DS9 - Gateways novel: Demons of Air and Darkness)

The Lobi Crystal Consortium acquired ships of this class and the larger Venatic-class heavy battlecruiser in the year 2409. These were sold to the Khitomer Alliance and returned to active military duty. (STO website: The Hirogen Lock Box)


This ship was equipped with powerful weapons and was heavily armored with monotanium armor plating, preventing Starfleet phasers from doing anything but little damage to their ship's armor. A small group of these ships was able to take control of the Federation Intrepid-class starship Voyager. (VOY episode: "The Killing Game")

These ships, even with their large size, could be manned by only a few hunters, two at most, and were more of traveling displays of the Hirogen's hunting trophies. Their ships were also equipped with dicyclic warp engines. (VOY episode: "Hunters")



starship classes of the Hirogen
By name Apex (battleshipheavy battlecruiser) • HuntmasterSeekerVenatic Seal of the Hirogen.
By type battleship (Apex (battleship)Venatic) • dreadnoughtfrigateheavy battlecruiserhunter escort (hunter heavy escort) • holoshipescort (heavy escort) • escort (heavy escort) • light cruiserwarship (Venatic)

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