For the primary universe counterpart, see Hiromi Takeshewada.

In the mirror universe, Commander Hiromi Takeshewada was a female Terran officer in the Imperial Starfleet assigned to the ISS Constellation as first officer. Hiromi learned early that, under the reign of the Sato Dynasty, few women were promoted to the rank of captain and none were promoted to the rank of admiral. In addition, those few who were promoted to captain were only able to command relatively minor starships that were trivial to the Terran Empire. Grand Admiral Decker needled her with this fact relentlessly, initially to watch the angry response it invoked from her, but later simply to "show her her place" after she'd mastered her emotional responses through help from a Vulcan crewmate.

When Admiral Spock began to search for like-minded individuals in the Starfleet who shared his vision of a reformed Empire, Hiromi signed on to his cause and convinced others on the Constellation's crew to join her. In 2277, this preparation came into action when she led a mutiny of the Constellation crew against Admiral Decker, shooting him with her phaser to prevent him from attacking Spock. In recognition for her actions, as well as to reward her loyalty, Spock promoted Hiromi to the rank of captain and assigned her to command of the Constellation. (TOS novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

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