Hisayo Fujimura was a 23rd century human female who had been a resident of Tarsus IV in the 2240s.

A computer expert by trade, Fujimura was a supporter of Adrian Kodos. She went into hiding with other supporters after Kodos and his followers murdered 4,000 colonists.

Fujimara and a few of Kodos's other followers took Starfleet officer Enamori Jenn hostage, and attempted to hijack one of the transports at the New Anchorage spaceport. They were foiled by Lieutenant Commander Philippa Georgiou and the crew of the USS Narbonne.

Following the apparent death of Kodos, Fujimura was removed from Tarsus IV and sent to a neutral site for trial. She was found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment at the penal colony on Garodon V.

Fujimara agreed to talk to massacre survivor Shannon Moulton while the latter was writing her book The Four Thousand: Crisis on Tarsus IV. Due to her past behavior, several Starfleet security guards were assigned to watch while the interview was underway out of concern that Fujimara would attempt to harm Moulton. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

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