Ho'nig is the god of the Damiani people. (TNG - Perchance to Dream comics: "To Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles", "By a Sleep to Say We End", "In the Sleep of Death, What Dreams May Come", "Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment")

Worship of Ho'nig was not limited to Damiano; a Bolian, Zilder, was a believer and a missionary, who tried to convince Commander Sonya Gomez and others he encountered on the planet Sarindar in 2376 to convert to his faith. (SCE eBooks: Invincible, Part One, Invincible, Part Two)

That same year, Ro Laren, while on Deep Space 9 during the Gateways crisis, thought to herself that she would "happily worship the great god Ho'nig" if she could get away from the Orion slave girl Treir, despite her being very non-religious. (DS9 novel: Demons of Air and Darkness)

Worshippers of Ho'nig go on a pilgrimage called the Chala Ho'nig, which is held at a prominent shrine to Ho'nig. In 2377, it was held at the shrine on Zasharu, the moon of Mirada, where the festival and ceremony were almost disrupted by the discovery of Jem'Hadar booby traps, and a prototype Dominion weapon, concealed inside the shrine. The SCE team of the USS da Vinci were able to neutralise all of the traps and devices, and the festival proceeded unimpeded. (SCE eBook: The Cleanup)

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