Hobelia Pike was a human female who lived in the 23rd century. A native of Mojave, California, she was of Native American (Mojave and Navajo) ancestry. She was the wife of fellow Mojave resident Charlie Pike and step mother of Fleet Captain Christopher Pike.

At some point after Charlie ended a relationship with Willa McKinnies - which had produced a son - Charlie and Hobelia met and eventually were married.

After Willa and her husband Heston Prescott died in 2231 on the colony world of Elysium, Charlie Pike brought his son and his son's horse, Tango, back to Earth, but had not told his son he was his father. The day after Christopher's thirteenth birthday, Hobelia and Charlie formally adopted Chris, and gave him the surname Pike.

Shortly after an incident on board the USS Aldrin, Chris learned that Charlie Pike was actually his biological father. This caused a rift between the father and son, with Chris angry that Charlie had not informed him of this fact much sooner. It was Hobelia who told the entire story to Chris soon afterwards. Even so, for several years the men continued the rift. Hobelia tried to get the two men to reconcile, but did not have much success. Both men did reconcile shortly before Chris was injured in the accident on board the Class J starship that left him an invalid.

Hobelia and Charlie were still living on Earth when Spock took Chris to Talos IV in 2267. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)

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