Ensign Hodge was a human male, an officer in Starfleet who served as a relief communications officer aboard the USS Enterprise in 2268.

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In 2268, Hodge had the unenviable task of replacing Nyota Uhura for 12 days while she recovered from an attack by the Nomad probe. Hodge was clearly uncomfortable with the pressures of the position. He didn’t recall how to transfer message audio to the captain, and had to read the message instead. When the Enterprise passed through an Oort cloud en route to Malur, he was unable to compensate for the disruption to communications channels. Uhura took over from him for a short while, but when she was unable to articulate why there was inherent danger in a distress call from Malur and thought it was a trap, James T. Kirk thought she was not yet ready for duty and relieved her.


Uhura takes over for Hodge

Hodge joined Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy in the landing party. Uhura beamed down without permission, but Kirk allowed it so long as she would prove to be an asset. Uhura tracked the source of the transmission, but the rest of the landing party were suddenly fired upon. Hodge returned fire with his phaser, but was hit in his left arm with such force that he was knocked unconscious. Uhura captured the Malurian grifter who was responsible, exposing a coded message within his distress call. McCoy bandaged Hodge’s arm, diagnosing it as a minor scrape and saying that he’d “profit from a little trauma.” (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Kakan ni Shinkou comic: "Communications Breakdown")
Kirk addressed Hodge as an ensign, but he was depicted wearing an operations division uniform with lieutenant stripes.

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