Ambassador Hodin was the leader of the Gideon Council of planet Gideon in the 2260s decade.


In the year 2268, Hodin had his daughter, Odana, meet with Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk on a mock-up of his starship, the USS Enterprise. Once contact was established, Odana would then contract Vegan choriomeningitis using Kirk's blood, a disease which Kirk had been cured of, but which still remained in his bloodstream. Hodin then planned for the fatal disease to be spread amongst the inhabitants of Gideon in an attempt to reduce the population, as the Gideon people were immune to all diseases on their planet.

Doctor Leonard McCoy cured Odana, but she was still able to infect her people, proving Hodin's plan to be successful. (TOS episode: "The Mark of Gideon")

Sometime later, his council accepted the Federation's humane furnishment of phaser disposal units. This was to control the amount of dead corpses, as the overcrowded planet was unable to accommodate mass graves for disease-carrying bodies. However, Federation efforts to deploy methods of population control were squashed by Gideonite council members. (ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation)

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