Holcomb's Planet was the fifth planet in the Dilyut star system, located in Federation space in the Alpha or the Beta Quadrant. It had two moons and was the only class M planet in its system. It was the site of a Federation colony.


The planet was originally inhabited by Orion settlers, but following the Romulan massacre at Farx on reference stardate 0/1402.21, the world was quickly abandoned in fear. It was never re-colonized, even though the Romulans never came.

Eventually, a wandering space traveller named Harry Holcomb happened upon the planet in stardate 1/9304, and discovered that it was a rich source of pharmaceuticals. He laid claim to it shortly before the breakout of the Four Years War. Though a single-person claim to an entire planet was quite often easy to make but hard to keep, the events of the war kept others from challenging his claim.

In stardate 2/0410, after the war, Holcomb returned to the planet with his family and a number of settlers to found a colony. Several Orion families petitioned the Federation for a permit to settle on the planet, and Holcomb became a champion for their cause until it was approved.

Holcomb soon found himself a very wealthy man due to the planet's rich supply of pharmaceuticals. The Holcomb family founded a number of corporations: Holcomb Pharmaceuticals, Holcomb Construction and Excavation, Holcomb Mining, and Holcomb Computers. He later retired from managing the planet, leaving affairs to his sons.


Harry Holcomb's four sons jointly shared civilian authority on the planet, and made efforts to address the concerns of the Orion minority population. Thanks to the Holcomb family, Holcomb's Planet was a rare example of joint Human-Orion colonization and cooperation. Many Orions viewed the Holcombs as heroes for achieving the Orion ideal of starting with nothing and rising to the top, though they tended to be embarrassed by it, at least in public.

The capital city was a seaport named Orlando. In retirement, Harry Holcomb ran the best sports-fishing fleet out of there. The planet was home to several corporations, and Holcomb Pharmaceuticals (owned by Harry's wife and daughter), Holcomb Construction and Excavation, Holcomb Mining, and Holcomb Computers were in the top five.

It had a technological/sociopolitical index of 889464-87 and a planetary trade profile of BDEACEG/E (E).


Holcomb's Planet had a warm temperate climate, a terrestrial class M atmosphere and a 25-hour day. It had a total surface area of 530,929,130 square kilometers and, with 27% land mass, a total land area of 143,350,860 square kilometers. About 41% of its makeup was normal metals, 15% was radioactive elements, and the rest was trace amounts of special minerals, industrial crystals and gemstones. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)

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