The Holcomb family was a wealthy and successful Human family of the late 23rd century.

Harry Holcomb was an itinerant space traveller of the mid-23rd century when he discovered and claimed the world later known as Holcomb's Planet, which had been long-abandoned by its former Orion inhabitants. Following the Four Years War, in stardate 2/0410, Harry Holcomb returned to the planet with his family and a number of settlers to found a colony.

Due to the planet's rich supply of pharmaceuticals, the Holcombs grew quite wealthy and founded a number of corporations: Holcomb Pharmaceuticals, Holcomb Construction and Excavation, Holcomb Mining, and Holcomb Computers, which were in the top five of Holcomb's Planet. Holcomb's wife and daughter purchased Holcomb Pharmaceuticals, and made a profit of 12 million credits.

Harry Holcomb administered Holcomb's Planet for a time, before he retired. His four sons then jointly shared civilian authority.

Harry Holcomb and his family were highly regarded by the Orion community of Holcomb's Planet, and even by a number of Orions off-world. They were considered heroes who had achieved the Orion ideal of starting with nothing and rising to the top. Harry Holcomb had also championed a petition made by a few Orion families to be permitted by the Federation to settle on Holcomb's Planet. The Holcombs tended to be embarrassed by the attention, at least in public. Harry Holcomb in particular was sometimes referred to as a rhadaman anthus, or "prince of executives," a title he proudly wore on a baseball cap when out fishing. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)

Though they are non-Orions, the Holcomb family fits all descriptions of a ruling Orion family as in the source. The source also describes how Orion culture has absorbed a number of non-Orion races, the muni. Thus they may be considered to be a caj.
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