Holly Amos was a female Human alive in the 23rd century.

Biography[edit | edit source]

By the late 2260s decade, she was serving as an officer in the Federation Starfleet, having reached the rank of Lieutenant by 2269.

By that year, she transferred aboard the starship USS Endeavour, under the command of Captain Atish Khatami, while that ship was undergoing repairs at Starbase 12. She was assigned to sickbay as a nurse, under the ship's CMO, Doctor Anthony Leone.

She is described as having unmatched energy and enthusiasm and has dark hair cut into a regulation bob and a bright, wide smile. Her parents were associated with Starfleet, leading to her moving around to 11 different starbases and planet-based assignments before graduating high school. (Seekers novel: Point of Divergence)

She is notoriously bad at Parrises Squares.

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