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To boldly go
Any place, any time, any where…
The boundaries are set only by your imagination as you enter one of the most amazing inventions of Federation technology – the holodeck. It's a role playing game within a game, as your Star Trek characters take on roles from other times and places. They can even become your favorite characters from other RPGs! Holodeck Adventures provides the perfect way to get other roleplayers into your Star Trek game, or to give existing Star Trek gamers a refreshing change of pace.
This book includes:
  • How to take on the role of a fictional character, and enter a world of fantastic adventure – all in the Star Trek universe!
  • A complete description of how the holodeck works.
  • Information for Narrators on using the holodeck in their games, and creating their own holodeck programs.
  • Information for the Icon System on tommy guns, Duesenbergs, cannon, pirate reavers, and more.
Three complete adventures:
  • "The Case of the Golden Serpent" plunges Dixon Hill and friends into a mystery involving an ancient Aztec idol.
  • "The Doom That Came to Korath" presents a story of supernatural horror set in Alpha Centauri's past.
  • "The Falcon's Gold" provides an adventure on the bounding main, and includes rules for pitched naval battles, flintlocks, and pirate mayhem.



Dixon Hill and Case of the Golden Serpent characters[]

CarlosAnnie CassidyJeremiah FatmannGloriaHarry GoodwinKatherine GoodwinDixon HillMadelineMcTeagueNick PalatomoPetersonPlunkettRexJorge Villa LobosWillis
Referenced only 
DataJohnny IessiJames T. KirkJean-Luc PicardQuetzalcoatlTony Vinson

The Doom That Came to Korath characters[]

ActosAlichzaCileaElmuthGaniriHunçekIonusKorvos IIMarwandMoreaRaciusRebaraTheguis
Referenced only 
Bloody BesariaFrancekKarosKorvos IErik KorvosOacanRalla'thainWilliam Shakespeare

The Falcon's Gold characters[]

BeauregardHarold BurnsEstrella Delgado-AlbernazRicardo Delgado-RuizEmil d'PlessyRabican d'OrleansArend FabricusIronfaceRodrigo MarvillosaAbernathy MontgomeryAugust'n Antonio Lopez-Pazos de SepúlvedaAlexander Sevastopol
Referenced only 
Tredegar JonesThomas ModyfordScurvy DogRobert Louis Stevenson

Other characters[]

Referenced only 
AlessaraAlvarezYma ArbolJohn BoormanCharlotte BronteAgatha ChristieBilly CrystalColvilleDataLyndsey DavisArthur Conan DoyleLeonardo da VinciErrol FlynnJohn FordFrenchySigmund FreudCarmen FullerDick FullerCary GrantZane GreyGro'ozalHasuiStephen HawkingHoward HawksTony HillermanKathryn JanewayKahlessLawrence KasdanDeborah KerrLouis L'AmourLandersLukaraDashiell HammettMad HatterJoseph L. ManckiewiczEd McBainLarry McMurtryNeelixIsaac NewtonNicki the NoseEllis PetersJean-Luc PicardQAnn RadcliffeRobin HoodKen RussellMeg RyanSir Walter ScottDouglas SirkNicholas SparksWendy StatonDanielle SteeleBuck StragenRobert James WallerHorace WalpoleWorf

Starships and vehicles[]

AtochaEsmereldaNuesta Senorade GuadalupeReaver
Referenced only 


ÆlberothAlpha CentauriAltair VIAntiguaAtlantic OceanAtlantisBarbudaBogotaCabana RoomCaicos IslandCaribbeanChicagoClevelandColorado RiverCubaDominicaEleutheraFlorida KeysGrand BahamaGrand CanyonGrenadaHaitiHispaniolaholodeckIronface CayJamaicaKorathKorath CastleKriosian Temple of AkadarMagnolia KeyMartiniqueMayaguanaMexicoMicky's Bar and GrillMontserratNew AndalusiaNew GrenadaOhniaka IIIPort RoyalPuerto RicoRex's BarSan FranciscoSouth AmericaSpanish MainSt. KittsSt. LuciaSt. MaartenTai-La plateauTurk's IslandUtopia Planitia Fleet YardsVældæsYucatan ChannelZaragosa

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 

Other references[]

39 Steps48 hrs87th PrecinctAcross 110th StreetThe Adventures of Robin HoodAn Affair to RememberAll That Heaven AllowsThe Avengersbat'lethBattle of Tong VeyBeverley Hill CopBig Heist on Uffizi StreetBolian fluBonanza (TV show)Bridges of Madison CountyBrother CadfaelCaptain BloodCastle of OtrantochakaDark ShadowsDiagnosis MurderDraculaDragonwyckExcalibur (movie)Flash GordonGothic (movie)GunsmokeHamletHenry VHercule PoirotHomicideIndiana JonesIn the Mouth of MadnessIvanhoeJalalaJames BondJane EyreJim Chee / Joe LeaphornkeiyuriumL.A. ConfidentialLethal WeaponMacbethThe Maltese Falconmek'lethMessage in a Bottle (novel)Mission: ImpossibleMiss MarpleMurder, She WroteMysteries of UdolphoNorth bby NorthwestNYPD Blueomni-directional holo diodeOur Man FlintPerils of NyokaphaserPlague Yearsplasma injectorplomeek soupRebecca (movie)replicatorRio Bravosafety protocolThe Sea HawkThe SearchersSerious BusinessSerum HuntSherlock HolmesSilveradoSneakersStarsky and Hutchtaymarimtractor beamtransporterTreasure IslandWagon TrainWhen Harry Met Sally