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A 2270s holographic projector.

A holographic projector (also called a holographic emitter or holo-emitter for short) was a device used to project holograms.

History and specifics[]

In 2270, Montgomery Scott programmed a holographic projector to provide images for a Starfleet initiation for starship crew completing their first tour of space duty. However, Klingons using Talosian illusion-creating techniques overrode the projector, creating vivid Carnellian acid-snakes to threaten Pavel Chekov. (TOS comic: "The Final Voyage")

By the 2360s, holographic projectors were installed aboard Starfleet starships in specialized areas called holodecks. (TNG episode: "Encounter at Farpoint")

By the 2370s, ships such as the USS Voyager had holo-emitters installed in their sickbays to enable the use of the Emergency Medical Hologram. (VOY episode: "Caretaker")

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