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The Holy Order of the Kinshaya is the Kinshaya civilization's state.

The Holy Order is located a great distance from Federation space and has been a traditional rival of the Klingon Empire for centuries. In the year 2380, the Holy Order of the Kinshaya conquered the Kreel. Also in that year, their homeworld was destroyed by the Klingon Defense Force, led by Captain Klag of the IKS Gorkon.

In 2381, the Holy Order of the Kinshaya joined the Typhon Pact. Around the same time, it conquered the worlds of Krios and H'atoria, the former which was liberated after three months by Klag, now a general, commanding the Fifth Klingon Battle Fleet. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)


Physically, Kinshaya are thought to resemble the Earth legends of griffins, however with the aspects resembling eagles absent. Kinshayan wings are leathery and gargoylesque, with four legs and two forearms ending in clawed four digit hands, carnivorous muzzles rather than beaks, and a tail. Their bodies are furred in reddish to brown hues.


Gestures of the wings are used to express emotional states, Kinshayan wings are tattooed to show the nobility of their crèche with more colorful wings meaning a higher crèche. Tattoo colors include blue, black, green, purple, red, and white. Their culture appears to be a blend of religious and military caste system, the Episcopate of the Holy Order, its legislative body, is made up of ruling bishops. Resac the Grand Inquisitor of Rastag on Janalwa is a member of the bishop caste, a grade above Tepesor, vicar general of Janalwa.

Castes include archbishop, bishop, vicar and deacon.

All addresses to a senior caste should begin with the phrase "Ay'eh!" translated as "My Lord" - it is considered rude to omit this although higher creche members may forgo this even if they are a lower rank then a higher ranked lower creche member.

"Ay'eh! make respect!" is the Kinshayan equivalent to "Captain on deck!"

The Circle is at the center of Kinshaya culture and is considered the holiest of shapes, Kinshayan battleships, flight decks, important rooms, cities and public meeting areas are all circular. Federation Starfleet Lieutenant T'Ryssa Chen wondered if this affected their developement of Kepler's Laws and orbital mechanics.

Known Kinshayans

  • Ykredna (Pontifex Maxima of the Holy Order)
  • Retej (Archbishop of the 7th Holy Kinshaya Attack Fleet)
  • Ador
  • Adasop
  • Noca
  • Resac (Grand Inquisitor of Rashtag)
  • Tepesor (Vicar General of Janalwa)
  • Yeffir
  • Nagrom
  • Radrigi (Kinshayan Ambassador to the Typhon Pact)


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