Homn was the manservant of Betazoid Ambassador Lwaxana Troi.

His predecessor as Lwaxana's valet was Mr. Xelo. At the behest of her late husband Ian Andrew Troi, Xelo had kept numerous keepsakes of their deceased daughter Kestra Troi. When Homn replaced him, these items were passed on to him and he kept them in storage until Lwaxana's memories of Kestra resurfaced in 2370. (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible; TNG episode: "Dark Page")

Homn was a strong, tall, pale humanoid male who rarely spoke. He had a knack for sampling alcoholic beverages, supposedly for Lwaxana's "protection" before she drank them, but he also indulged himself to the well-stocked galley aboard Enterprise-D, to the extent of verbally showing his gratitude, and with no sign of intoxication. This was the only time that he spoke during one of his and Lwaxana's periodic visits to the Enterprise. (TNG episode: "Haven")

He began working for Lwaxana sometime before 2359 when Deanna Troi still lived at the Troi home on Betazed When not escorting Lwaxana Troi, Homn lived at Lake El-Nar. (TNG novel: Imzadi, ST website: StarTrek.com)

This is inconsistent with Deanna not recognizing Homn when he arrives on the USS Enterprise-D in 2364. (TNG episode: "Haven")

One of his favorite desserts was the well-known Betazoid uttaberry pie. (ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia)

In 2373, Homn accompanied Lwaxana to Deep Space 9, where Lwaxana was to marry Var Ulos. (DS9 comics: "Lwaxana Troi and the Wedding of Doom", "Four Funerals and a Wedding")

Homn was killed in 2374 protecting Lwaxana's young son Barin when the Troi home was destroyed by the Dominion forces attacking Betazed. (ST - Tales of the Dominion War short story: "The Ceremony of Innocence is Drowned")

Alternate timeline[edit | edit source]

In the alternate timeline created in 2368 when a time traveller killed Deanna, Homn was still working for Lwaxana in her home on Betazed when she died in 2408. (TNG novel: Imzadi)

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