Honar-Des was an Orion male from the mid 22nd century.

Honar-Des was a physician by trade. Prior to being chemically castrated Honar-Des had fathered children. Being chemically castrated he was able to provide medical services to the Three Sisters, as well as other elite Orion women and a number of other wealthy clients.

One day while the Agaron gangster Jofirek was waiting to see him, D'Nesh was being examined for a slight hormonal imbalance. Jofirek found out that Honar-Des had given her hormonal supplements to help her maintain her production of pheromones. Jofirek worked with the human smuggler Charlemagne Hua to steal the doctor's supply of the supplements, which they developed in to the Venus drug.

Learning of this new development, D'Nesh interrogated Honar-Des at length. Honar-Des swore on the lives of his children that he was not involved in Hua and Jofirek's schemes. Following the interrogation D'Nesh had Honar-Des perform Vyun-pashan. Finding out about this Maras was unhappy that D'Nesh had made her lifelong physician commit suicide. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

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