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Publisher's description

There is no occasion more sacred to the Klingons than the Day of Honor. And to the Klingon youth, honor is a lesson hard-learned and harder-earned. The hunter instinct is taking over Alexander, driving him to violence when he can't control his emerging Klingon traits. He's in trouble at school when his father, Worf, gives his word as a Starfleet officer that Alexander's behavior will change. But it takes a frightening confession from Worf before Alexander understands that he must learn to control himself or lose everything he loves. A Klingon is honor-bound to keep his word, at any cost. And Alexander is about to pay the price as he faces disgrace and dishonor for challenging his bullying classmates with character instead of force.


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ChupekChupekHoward ChupekClausenCunninghamHoKim HoHousemanMarconiSuzanne MiltonMiyashiPetrovnaAlexander RozhenkoHelena RozhenkoSergey RozhenkoSantiagoSullivanJeremy SullivanUmbayaBernard UmbayaWorf
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Zefram CochraneDurasGowronJames T. KirkK'EhleyrK'mtarKorKurnKyleLournMikelMoghDeanna Troi


BelarusEarthEarth Station BobruiskMirnee DoleenaTerminal Security Office
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Boreth MonasteryDeep Space 9GaultKhitomer outpostSochStarfleet HeadquartersVeridian III

Starships and vehicles

von Braun (shuttlecraft)
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USS Enterprise-DKlingon bird-of-prey

Races and cultures

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StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
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Cardassian EmpireDominionKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilStarfleet Academy

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Ranks and titles

cadetchiefofficersecurity chiefwarrior

Other references

22672346Argelian grapebat'lethBatlh JajButter Beauty RoseclothingCossackDay of HonordeerduraniumgrassgymnasticsHonor CombatjumpsuitKhitomer MassacreKlingoneseKot'baval festivalmok'baramossmudOlympic GamesOrganian Peace TreatyThe Potential of Warp Propulsionqapla'rabbitrockrokeg blood pierosebushschoolsoccersuv'batlhtreewaterweek


Background information

  • Honor Bound was included with the other Day of Honor novels in the 1999 omnibus.

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