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It's been said that for any event, there are an infinite number of possible out­comes. Our choices determine which outcome will follow, and therefore all possibilities that could happen do happen across alternate realities. In these divergent realms, known history is bent, like white light through a shattered prism—broken into a boundless spectrum of what-might-have-beens. But in those myriad universes, what might have been—is what actually occurred.
Former Federation President Nilz Baris has died. After losing Sherman's Planet to the Klingons thanks to poisoned quadrotriticale, the agriculture undersecretary parlayed that defeat into years of political battles with the Klingon Empire, and eventually the Federation's highest office. Now, the Federation News Service wants the story of his life, a quest that digs up many secrets—including the mystery of why his final words were "Arne Darvin".
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Nilz BarisTonia BarrowsArne Darvin (Krek)GaspardJaro EssaMarta JensenCyrano JonesKang, son of K'naiahKira NerysJames T. KirkKoloth, son of LassharKoraxMaraQuarkRomHikaru SuluElizabeth Zaman
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Pavel ChekovFitzpatrickKor, son of RynarLucienneMontgomery ScottSpockJohn Lurry


Alée du PalaisAtlantaBajorDeep Space Station K-7Leander BayMekro'vak regionMediterranean SeaNiceNuevos Angeles ColonyOkana DesertSherman's PlanetTerok NorPort EmilyBeneciaBenecia CityZenith ColonyZenith LakeCarlton Bay
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Nimbus IIITellun systemDunwichCape WinstonOrganiaTalos (continent)

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USS Enterprise

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Klingon EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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Chateau Branc-Cantenac Margauxeggearthquakemint juleppan-bagnatpissaladierePresident of the United Federation of PlanetsquadrotriticaleraktajinoSherman's OrchidtomatoTalosian singing planttunaWeeper



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