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This character is a member of Spock's family.

Horek was a 23rd century Vulcan man. A cousin of Spock, he served as an administrative officer and navigator aboard the Federation guardship Dorado under the command of Captain Louis Jago in 2265.


In 2265, Horek was taken hostage during a mutiny, the only officer kept aboard. Ringleader Erhard Voss had two reasons: the Vulcan would follow orders dispassionately, and his presence would keep Starfleet ships at bay, particularly the one his famous cousin served on. This turned out to be accurate, as Spock disobeyed orders to protect Dorado.

As Dorado approached Scaptar within Klingon space, Spock learned from Horek's mind that at least half of the crew were just going along with Voss, and this awareness influenced James T. Kirk to defy Starfleet orders to destroy Dorado. After Voss shot down a Klingon transit-hopper shuttlecraft, Horek urged Spock telepathically to come up with a way of stopping Voss.

Voss announced plans to assault the planet Necros as a show of strength, but Horek warned that they would provoke interstellar war. Voss angrily knocked him out with the butt of a phaser, which gave Spock an opportunity to manipulate Horek's unconscious body to sabotage the ship's sensors and shields, ending the mutiny. (TOS comic: "Mutiny on the Dorado")

Horek and Spock may have previously mind melded in order to have such refined long-range telepathy. Horek did not wear a Starfleet uniform and appeared to serve in a non-Starfleet border patrol service, probably the Merchant Marines.



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