"Houdini" was the nickname the Starfleet forces on AR-558 gave to the mines used by the Dominion during the Dominion War. The "Houdinis" were designed to hide in subspace and reappear before detonating near a target.

In 2375, Ezri Dax and Kellin worked together to find a way to disarm the "Houdinis". However, Benjamin Sisko later had the pair relocate them in the path of oncoming Jem'Hadar soldiers and detonated, killing many of the soldiers. The mines had killed several Starfleet personnel prior to the arrival of the crew of the USS Defiant. (DS9 episode: "The Siege of AR-558", ST - Tales of the Dominion War short story: "Requital")

During his time with the Prophets, Sisko brought them to his memory of AR-558, with Houdini mines exploding all around them, to attempt to explain to them the concept of death. (DS9 - Millennium novel: The War of the Prophets)

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