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The Enterprise is searching for a new colony world for the Warin after six months of routine missions. An exploration of a binary star system sees them encounter three alien vessels from an unknown race. Although they fail to respond to hails, they appear to simply despatch some harmless probes. However, once the probes are in position around the Enterprise, they form a web which begins to contract towards the ship.

After an attempt to destroy the probes fails, Garrett proposes disrupting the signals between them before breaking out of the web. The encounter shakes the ship, leaving several bridge crew dead or injured, but replacement personnel allow the ship to engage the aliens and do enough damage to make it back to Federation space.

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USS EndeavourUSS Enterprise-CUSS Gandhi

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Camp KhitomerMarsQo'noSRisa

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accretion diskfishKobayashi Maru scenarioMartian spicesparrises squaresTomed IncidentZee-Magnees Prize


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