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House of Torg
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Banner of House Torg
House Information
Alternate Name(s):

House Torg


Torg, son of Kormog (2409)


S'gen, son of Torg, K'ratak


Torg Stronghold, Goralis III


Klingon Empire, Romulan agent Tarsen


Klingon Empire, Romulan agent Tarsen

The House of Torg was a Klingon Great House that existed in the early 25th century. (STO episodes: "Empire", "Warzone")

House Torg had territorial holdings on the planet Gorath. (STO - Warzone mission: "The House Always Wins")


In 2409 House Torg was led by Torg, son of Kormog, a High Council member and a political ally of Chancellor J'mpok. In that year Torg allied with the Tal Shiar, selling them weapons and classified technology in exchange for their help destroying the House of Martok. Torg arranged for Commander Tarsen, a Tal Shiar operative, to assassinate Lady Sirella and her grandson M'ven. When Ambassador Alexander Rozhenko discovered part of the plot, Torg arranged for him to be imprisoned on Rura Penthe on trumped-up charges. (STO missions: "Friend or Foe", "Bringing Down the House", "Manhunt")

At that point a Klingon Defense Force lieutenant commanding a B'rel-class bird-of-prey was led to the plot by Franklin Drake, an operative of Section 31. Alexander was freed and the assassination of Sirella at House Martok's estate in the Ketha Lowlands was foiled, but the lieutenant was unable to save M'ven from Tarsen on Forcas III. (STO missions: "Manhunt", "Bringing Down the House")

The lieutenant in question is the KDF player character.

Torg, son of Kormog, last patriarch of the House of Torg

After warriors from the House of Torg attacked the Martok estate during M'ven's ak'voh, Sirella ordered a counterattack on the House Torg estate on Gorath. Warriors led by the KDF lieutenant, Alexander, and Ambassador Worf stormed the planet and killed Torg's son S'gen in revenge. They then returned to Qo'noS to accuse Torg, son of Kormog of treason before the High Council. Torg said that by allying with the Tal Shiar he was only following J'mpok's example (referring to the recent alliance with the Romulan Republic), but J'mpok retorted that Torg's lust for glory "has blinded you to the difference between an ally and an enemy." J'mpok ordered Torg discommendated and the House of Torg dissolved, whereupon Torg and his warriors attacked the House Martok delegation. Alexander saved Worf at the cost of his own life and Torg escaped by transporter. (STO - Warzone mission: "The House Always Wins")

After House Torg's dissolution, warriors from the house ambushed the former KDF lieutenant, now a lieutenant commander, during a shakedown cruise in the Cursa system. (STO - Warzone mission: "Test of Mettle")

Later that year, Torg remnants allied with Orion secessionists in a plot to overthrow the High Council, collaborating with the Orions on research into Borg technology. (STO - Vigilance missions: "A House Pursued", "House on Fire")

Torg remnants also briefly besieged the Romulan Republic-held Beta Thoridor system, but the siege was broken in a counterattack by a Republic-allied starship. (STO mission: "Beta Thoridor System Patrol")




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