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Dr. Hoyle was a Human male, an archaeologist in the 24th century.

In 2368 Dr. Hoyle joined an expedition team lead by Dr. Marjorie Devarona to the planet Rajatha Prime to investigate a recently discovered ruined city on the planet. Whilst exploring a Rajathan ziggurat Hoyle discovered a hole, at first thinking it may have been created by a meteor he soon discovered it had in fact been created by a crashed 22nd century shuttlepod. He soon alerted the rest of the team. Another member of the group, Gest, discovered a collection of harmonic diamonds in possession of one of the corpses next to the shuttlepod. Unknown to anyone at the time these gems stimulated areas of the brain associated with primitive emotions, including anger, envy, and greed, something which would doom the expedition.

The next morning Hoyle found the expedition’s comm. unit had been sabotaged, and shortly there after the team found the corpse of Dr Devarona. As the team fractured Hoyle killed Schwin, the groups cook, stabbing him through the chest. Then armed with a phaser he went in search of new victims, he was ambushed by Jean-Luc Picard who disarmed him. The two then returned to ziggurat to try and use the shuttlepod’s comm systems to make contact off world.

Whilst Picard entered the shuttlepod, finding Schwin’s body and further sabotage Hoyle waited outside. There he was attacked by Gest, as Picard emerged the two were fighting for control of a phaser. Hoyle lost and Gest shot him point blank in the chest, Hoyle becoming her final victim, the Bolian having killed the majority of the rest of the expedition. (TNG - The Space Between comic: "Captain's Pleasure")

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