Hrakkour IV is a planet, the fourth planet in the Hrakkour star system. A class M planet, Hrakkour was formerly a holding of the Klingon Empire, in the Klingons' space in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. This planet is home to an advanced lifeform known as Bialbi.

Hrakkour IV surface

A Klingon court with the ruins of the surface visible in the distance

For many years, this world was a colony of the Klingon Empire, with a large population living on the surface. The planet was ruled by the Kenka family for four generations. In the 2260s, the planet's governor was Admiral Vlict Kenka. During Admiral Kenka's time as governor, Hrakkour was visited by the being Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl convinced the population of Hrakkour to adopt a more peaceful outlook on life rather than the more traditional outlook most Klingons held. In response, Admiral Kenka committed genocidal activities on Hrakkour, killing the entire colony by subjecting the planet to intense bursts of radiation.

That level of brutality would've been too much even for the Klingon government, and Kenka realized that he needed a scapegoat to take the blame for the genocide. Kenka blamed Quetzalcoatl for the genocide on Hrakkour, and forced the United Federation of Planets to find and bring Quetzalcoatl to Hrakkour for trial. Captain James T. Kirk attempted to intervene, and convinced Admiral Kenka to allow him and his landing party to undertake several trials on Quetzalcoatl's behalf. During these trials Kirk and his landing party encountered Bialbi, the High Mentalic of Hrakkour. Bialbi stopped the Klingons from executing Quetzalcoatl, and judged Kenka to be guilty of genocide. Bialbi sentenced Kenka to death, however Captain Kirk intervened on Kenka's behalf, and Bialbi relented.

Bialbi ordered Kenka to leave the Hrakkour system and never return on pain of death. Bialbi further ordered that no Klingon vessel was to ever return to Hrakkour, however he invited Captain Kirk to return, finding his level of social development pleasing. (TOS video game: 25th Anniversary)

In the game, the name Hrakkour is occasionally mispelt as Hrakhour or Hraakour.
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