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Hranok Zar was a Bolian male Starfleet officer who held the rank of lieutenant in the 2360s and 2370s and served as tactical officer of the USS Saratoga and later the USS Crazy Horse.


The SaratogaEdit

During a mission of the Saratoga to Guldammur IV, the starship encountered a hostile Breen ship. In a plan devised by Benjamin Sisko and Zar, a narrow-gauge phaser spread was fired from the weapons of the Saratoga, making several small gaps in the Breen's shields. This allowed the Saratoga crew to beam unwanted items into the Breen's weapon banks, clogging them and leaving them unable to fire. (DS9 novel: Saratoga)

On the planet Mariphasa IV, Zar, Sisko, Aidan Thorn and Miriam Laffer were captured by the Cardassians and were about to be tortured to reveal their mission there. They were saved by Doctor Laffer's arguments with the Cardassian in charge, which bought time for Thorn to disarm one of the Cardassians and make their escape. (DS9 novel: Saratoga)

On a mission to Thetalian Prime, Zar, along with Sisko, Graal and Laffer, were affected by alien organisms until Dr. Laffer was able to find a cure. Some of the organisms, which produced corlandium, remained in Zar's body. (DS9 novel: Saratoga)

In 2366, Zar operated the weapons of the USS Saratoga against the Borg cube during the Battle of Wolf 359. After the ship was damaged, Zar dragged then-Lieutenant Commander Sisko to safety after ensuring Jake Sisko's rescue before a warp core breach destroyed the ship. (DS9 novelization: Emissary; DS9 short story: "Requital")

Later serviceEdit

By 2372, Zar was the tactical officer of the Crazy Horse. In that year, Starfleet was preparing to launch the new USS Saratoga and Zar and the other surviving crew members of the original were invited to attend. Zar travelled to Deep Space 9 aboard the USS Zapata, from where all the Saratoga survivors would leave for Mars from.

During the journey, the USS Defiant was sabotaged and disabled and became trapped in a wave nexus. Zar assisted the crew in repairing the sensor array and also watched over Doctor Laffer, who had fallen into a coma. It was later discovered that Esteban Lopez was responsible for the sabotage and was working with the Retizians, planning to turn the Saratoga crew over to them for the corlandium-producing organisms in their bodies.

Zar later operated the weapons of the Defiant against three Retizian trading ships. After disabling two of the Retizian ships, Zar implemented the manoeuvre he had first used at Guldammur IV, and fired a narrow-gauge phaser spread, making several small gaps in the Retizian's shields, through which debris from the Defiant was beamed into the trading ship's weapon ports.

Zar later joined Sisko, Thorn, Laffer and Graal in attending the launch of the Saratoga-A from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. (DS9 novel: Saratoga)

Personal lifeEdit

Zar was a good friend to the three members of the Sisko family and often said he would never find a mate as beautiful and charming as Jennifer. Benjamin Sisko considered Zar to be part of his family when they served together on the Saratoga. (DS9 novel: Saratoga)

Zar was a dom-jot player and often played the game with Curzon Dax, although he could never beat the Trill. (DS9 novel: Saratoga)



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