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A hrisal

A hrisal (plural: hrisalni) is an Andorian sword-weapon, whose name translates to "best killing tool."

While most duelers prefer the chaka, its unusual size makes it difficult to carry around, so the hrisal was invented as a more "everyday" weapon. The single-edged blade spans up to 60 cm long and has a slight backward curve at the end, reminiscent of the Human scimitar. It can have a mass of up to 1 kg.

The grip is just a simple handle covered in leather. They are quite popular on Andoria, and many wear one everywhere they go.

They also have a cultural significance on Andoria, in sayings and lore. To say someone "has a dull hrisal is to accuse him of cowardice, while saying "Your hrisal is too small" is accusing them of taking on a task to big or important for them. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)


Length: 60 centimeters

Mass: 1 kilogram