Huang Chaoying was a female Human from Alpha Centauri in the 24th century. She became Alpha Centauri's representative to the Federation Council circa 2360. As the councillor from one of the five founding worlds of the Federation, she was also a member of the Federation Security Council. During her twenty years on the Council, she gained a reputation for never voting against the majority on matters that did not directly involve her homeworld.

In 2374, during the Dominion War, Councillor Huang hosted a reception in her embassy in London for the various delegates attending a Allied conference. Though she was a supporter of the war and a detractor of the anti-war activists, guests Benjamin Sisko and Elim Garak had the opportunity to meet peace activist Tomas Roeder at Huang's event. (DS9 novel: Hollow Men)

Councillor Chaoying was also on the Federation Security Council. In 2376, she attended a meeting which discussed the actions of the parasites on Bajor and Deep Space 9, as well as their connection to the Trill. (DS9 novel: Trill: Unjoined)

In 2380, one of Huang's top aides, Eduardo de la Vega, determined that she was planning to vote against continuing Federation aide to Cardassia. This led to an intensive lobbying effort by Presidential Chief of Staff Esperanza Piñiero and her staff to get this legislation passed. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

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